Ascend is developing part handling systems that intelligently adapt to the customer’s environment, greatly easing deployment and automation management. The robots retrieve components, provide production line supply, and enable automated kitting. We believe that embedded intelligence can enable robots that are inherently safe, accessible, and trainable by anyone.

Looking to increase productivity and enhance demand responsiveness at your facility?  Contact Ascend and ask about our beta partner program.    info @

245 First St.   Cambridge, MA 02142

Autonomous Part Handling using Advanced Manipulation

Join us in San Diego to see Ascend’s autonomous manipulation capabilities and learn about applications in kitting, assembly, and inventory management.   Please contact us to arrange a meeting or demo.

At the Advanced Manipulation session, Ascend, Soft Robotics, and GrabIt will discuss the state of the art for object grasping and manipulation in manufacturing, warehouse, and agriculture applications.

RoboUniverse San Diego.  Dec 15, 2016. Manufacturing and Logistics track.



China Road Show

Thanks to the many companies who attended the robotics events in Foshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shaoxing, and Beijing.  The dynamism of the manufacturing and robotics markets in China is impressive.  It was rewarding to see that Ascend’s smart robotics are such a strong fit for companies seeking to enhance production line capacity, boost labor productivity, and ensure high quality assembly.

Ascend Mobile Robotics Panel in San Diego

Join us in San Diego to hear about the latest in mobile autonomy and manipulation.  Ascend, Adept, Clearpath Robotics, and IAM Robotics will describe new mobile platforms for autonomous material handling in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers.

RoboUniverse San Diego.  Dec 15-16, 2015. Mobile Robotics Logistics panel session, hosted by Ascend.