Ascend Robotics and Black-i Robotics have teamed to create the first mobile autonomous heavy lift arm system for logistics and manufacturing applications. Ascend’s expertise in vision-guided arm control and human-centered robot control interfaces combines with Black-i’s deep experience designing and building rugged, heavy-payload robots for DARPA and US DoD. The Fullscope Arm is configurable for payloads up to 100 pounds.

  • Delivered as a turnkey mobile manipulation system, integrated with your MES or WMS
  • Or readily integrated onto your AMRs and autonomous lift vehicles
  • Unprecedented power efficiency: lift heavy items all day on included battery power
  • Move items to/from shelves, pallets, conveyors
  • Reduce worker back injuries and increase production throughput

Meet Ascend CEO David Askey and Black-i CEO Brian Hart at Modex 2022, Booth C4788, and see the new bot in action. Atlanta, March 28-31.