Autonomous kitting to fit your infrastructure

Autonomous Workflow

Let our robots take care of kitting so your employees can focus on higher-value work.

Secure & Traceable Handling

Our robots learn your inventory to safely pick parts with speed and accuracy.

Precise & Flexible Kitting

With advanced perception and AI, our robots precisely arrange, sort, and kit parts.

Safe, Adaptive Systems

As a labor multiplier, our systems work easily with your workforce to enhance demand responsiveness.

unlocking autonomous systems

Ascend's robotics serve industries that require precise, secure part-handling, amplifying the power of your workforce. Our systems intelligently adapt to the customer's environment, greatly easing deployment and automation management. The robots retrieve components, provide production line supply, and perform automated kitting.

We believe that embedded intelligence can enable robots that are inherently safe, accessible, and trainable by anyone.

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Autonomous Kitting

With an agile workflow, our robots use AI to:

  • Recognize specific objects with accuracy
  • Retrieve components, trays, boxes, bins, etc. from shelves or racks
  • Decide how to pick up and place objects of various shapes
  • Precisely arrange them in target locations and positions

Secure & Traceable Part-Handling

Our robots learn your inventory and pick parts with autonomous grasping. 

With advanced perception, they handle parts safely and provide integrated inspection. For real-time quality control, our systems reliably identify and remove defective parts early in the production process.

PRecise & Flexible Kitting

With perception and learning, our robots provide precise, safe, and efficient part-handling. Ascend's technology enables the robots to arrange and kit parts for optimal workflow. Bringing just-in-time supply, our systems multiply the production of your workforce.

SAfe, Adaptive Systems

Our systems integrate with your existing infrastructure and work safely alongside your employees. That way, your company achieves higher production while keeping your workflow in place. 

Ascend provides dependable consistency, so you can offload tedious steps to a robot and let people focus on higher-skilled tasks.

Ascend strives to understand your existing workflow

With our robots, achieve production goals
as your infrastructure works for you.


3D Perception and AI for Collaborative Robotics at CES 2018

Real-time learning and 3D perception enable robots that adapt to their environment and operate safely with people.  Contact us to arrange a meeting.  Find out how robots that sense and learn can help your automation initiative, speed deployment, and reduce risk.   January 9-12.  Las Vegas.

Exponential Manufacturing Summit — Singularity University

Visit us in the Innovation Lab at Singularity’s Exponential Manufacturing Summit.  Learn how Ascend’s automated kitting and production line supply can let your manufacturing facility deliver substantial efficiency gains with existing workers and production line infrastructure. May 17-19, 2017.  Boston Seaport

Automate 2017

Contact Ascend to arrange a demo and learn more about adaptive robotics for material handling. Chicago, April 3-6.

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